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April 2018

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Parameter analysis in models of yeast cell polarization and stem cell lineage
Insights into the mechanisms used by Staphylococcus aureus biofilms to evade neutrophil killing
The contribution of hippocampal cell-autonomous circadian clocks to circadian modulation of memory
Modulation of tumor associated macrophages enhances oncolytic herpes virotherapy in preclinical models of Ewing sarcoma
The Computation of Local Exterior Square L-functions for GL(m) via Bernstein-Zelevinsky Derivatives
Eutectic Backfilling: A Fundamental Investigation into Compositional Effects on the Nature of this Crack Healing Phenomenon for Ni-30Cr Weld Applications
Quantity and Quality of Early Childhood Language and Literacy Learning Opportunities: A Latent Profile Analysis and Examination of Predictors and Associations with Children’s Language and Literacy Outcomes
Development of QTsome Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery Platform for Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Essays on Labor Market Frictions and Macroeconomic Welfare
DPPA Speciation and Ion Interactions at the Air-Aqueous Interface in Atmospheric Aerosol Model Systems
Beamforming Techniques for Frequency-Selective and Millimeter-Wave Indoor Broadcast Channels
YouTube beauty vlogs: How social media blurs social boundaries
The Relationship Between Sex Trafficking and Immune Function: The Role of Exposure to Abuse
An Integrated Framework of Text and Visual Analytics to Facilitate Information Retrieval towards Biomedical Literature
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage through Solar Redox Flow and Metal Oxygen Batteries
Genetic investigation of how an ATP hydrolysis cycle is coupled to lipopolysaccharide transport
Global Polarization of the Lambda/AntiLambda System in the STAR BES
Investigating the neural basis for convergence eye movements
The Impact of College Financial Aid and Forgiveness Programs
Surface Regulated Flow Control at the Nano, Micro, and Macroscale
The Middle School-Life Science Concept Inventory (MS-LSCI)
A Comparative Study of Media Reactance, Information Seeking, and Political Belief Accuracy
Ave Imperii, mortui salutamus te: Redefining Roman Imperialism on the Limes through a Bioarchaeological Study of Human Remains from the Village of Oymaagac, Turkey
Emerging adult college students: An analysis of student behavioral health, academic outcomes, and predictors of behavioral health service receipt
Essays on Inter-Organizational Collaborations
Subconvex bounds for twists of GL(3) L-functions
Iterated Delooping and Desuspension of Structured Ring Spectra
Total Synthesis of Azaspiracid-3 and Structural Definition of the Azaspiracids
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Adsorbates on Two-Dimensional Materials
Mechanical Control of Scar Formation
Petunidin Derivatives from Black Goji and Purple Potato as Promising Natural Colorants, and Their Co-pigmentation with Metals and Isoflavones
Please stand by: Investigating the bystander effects of the oncolytic virus HSV1716
Scalability of Parallel and Distributed Processing Systems
Effects of Situated Game Teaching through Set Plays on Secondary Students’ Tactical Knowledge and Situational Interest in physical education
Prizing Cycles of Marginalization: Paired Progression and Regression in Award-Winning LGBTQ-themed YA Fiction
Evaluating the mechanism of ascorbic acid bleaching of anthocyanins and proposed ways to mitigate the interaction
Laser-Ultrasonic Measurement of Single-Crystal Elastic Constants from Polycrystalline Samples by Measuring Narrowband Surface Acoustic Wave Velocities Assisted by 1-D Grating Film
Advances in the total synthesis of (-)-Muironolide A
Accelerating Data-driven Simulations for Deformable Bodies and Fluids
Three Essays on Access to Health Care in Rural Areas
Does Perceived Wellness Influence Employee Work Engagement? Examining the Effects of Wellness in the Presence of Established Individual and Workplace Predictor Variables
The Application of Fuzzy Logic and Virtual Reality in the Study of Ancient Methods and Materials Used for the Construction of the Great Wall of China in Jinshanling
Thermal Energy Conversion Utilizing Magnetization Dynamics and Two-Carrier Effects
Corrosion Degradation of Coated Aluminum Alloy Systems through Galvanic Interactions
My Art Educations: Learning to Embrace Dialogism in a Lifetime of Teaching and Learning
On the Structure of Kronecker Function Rings and Their Generalizations
Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning: Algorithms and Applications
Cell cycle regulators and transcriptional targeting in Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Compiler Approaches to Improve System Resilience and Energy efficiency
Electricity-Gas Systems: Operations and Expansion Planning Under Uncertainty
Discrete Excitable Media
An Investigation of Equitable Mathematics Teaching Practices in the Case of Ms. Dana
Characterization and Modeling of Lightweight Alloys in the Warm Forming Regime
Oligomeric Status of Discoidin Domain Receptor Modulates Collagen Binding, Mechanics, and Receptor Function
The Structure and Movement of Clarinet Playing
Black or Right: Anti/Racist Rhetorical Ecologies at an Historically White Institution
Structural and Functional Studies of the Hydrophilic Groove of Escherichia coli YidC
A Hierarchical Approach to Examine Long-Term Consequences of Educational Security Policies
Multifunctional laminated composites for morphing structures
Hydrodechlorination of Trichloroethylene over Pd-incorporated Swellable Organically Modified Silica (SOMS)
Effect of Postweld Heat Treatment on the Properties of Steel Clad with Alloy 625 for Petrochemical Applications
Development of Computational and Data Processing Tools to Assist Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Effect of embryonic thermal manipulation on acute inflammatory stress in ducklings and turkey poults post-hatch
The United States Army Band Herald Trumpets, 1959-2017
The role of neurofilament transport in cytoskeletal organization
Spectacular Gifts: Gifts Given to Delian Apollo During the Greek Archaic Period
The Potential Use of Intraoperative Ultrasound to Locate the Axillary Nerve Along Its Course Around the Humerus
Heart Rate Variability, Cancer-Related Intrusive Thoughts, and Fatigue during Breast Cancer Survivorship
Controllable Spin Wave Generation with Spatially Dependent Magnetic Fields and Their Detection Using Ferromagnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Struck: The Victorian Female Novelist and Male Pain
Fundamental Surface Properties of Simple Fatty Acid Model Systems of Sea Spray Aerosols and the Sea Surface Microlayer
The Clarinet Works of Jörg Widmann: A Performance Guide to Fantasie for Clarinet Solo with a Survey of Unaccompanied Clarinet Repertoire and Guide to Contemporary Techniques.
Mechanisms of HIV-1 Restriction by SAMHD1
Interrogating the methane paradox in freshwater wetland soils: A combined multi-omics and geochemical approach
Dissecting the Layered Rice Innate Immunity at the Molecular, Genetic, and Metabolomic Levels
Music in US-Korea Relations, 1941-1960
Essays in Market Design Economics
Advancements and Applications of the Fully Adaptive Radar Framework
Nanoscale Characterization of Defects in SrTiO3 and Germanane
Romanticism and the Poetics of Orientation
Gas Hydrate Occurrences and Resource Estimate in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Essays on Productivity Risks in Asset Pricing
Lead by Standards? A Historical Examination of the Creation of Professional Music Standards
Search for the decays of stopped exotic long-lived particles produced in P-P collisions at 13 TeV at CMS
On the Hermitian Geometry of k-Gauduchon Orthogonal Complex Structures
Hypothalamic Gene Therapy by an Autoregulatory BDNF Vector to Prevent Melanocortin-4-Receptor-Deficient Obesity
Developmental Mechanisms of Central Hypoventilation
Connections among Scales, Plurality and Intensionality in Spanish
Aspects of the Many-Body Problem in Nuclear Physics
Refracting Webtexts: Invention and Design in Composing Multimodal Scholarship
Extended Tropicalization of Spherical Varieties
The Mind of Black College Men: Exploring the Relationship between Manhood, Mindset, and Academic Achievement among Black College Men
Essays in Financial Economics
The "Gateways" of the Crusader Peloponnese: Castles, Fortifications, and Feudal Exchanges in the Principality of Achaea, 1204-1432
The Meaning of Distraction: How Metacognitive Inferences from Distraction Affect Brand Attitudes
High Resolution Characterization of Magnetic Thin Films for Spintronic Applications
Product Variety in the U.S. Yogurt Industry: An application of discrete choice models of demand and strategic interaction
Cadherin-23 Structure, Function and Nanomechanics in Hearing and Deafness
Molecular Mechanisms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases
Arab Americans: The Power of Creative Expression to Combat Discrimination
Social Support in Ohio State University Extension: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Examining Central Actor Characteristics and Influence in a Distributed Educational Outreach Organization
Three Essays in Asset Pricing
Visual Imagery Perspective and the Integration of General Affect with Knowledge
Exploring the Mechanism of Paraoxonase-1: Comparative and Combinatorial Probing of the Six-bladed β-propeller Hydrolase Active Sites
Tumor Commensal Microbiota Activates an S100A7-TLR4-STAT-3 Signaling to Induce Chronic Inflammation and Consequent Growth and Metastasis of Breast Cancer
Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics
A Fully-Integrated Four-way Outphasing Architecture in Heterogeneously Integrated CMOS/GaN Process Technologies
Engaging the Gatekeepers: Empowering Male Collegians to Promote Gender Equity in Engineering
Study of Heavy Metal/Ferromagnetic Films Using Electrical Detection and Local Ferromagnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Investigating the Thermal Stability of the alpha/omega Dual Microstructure in Shock Impacted Zr
An Intrinsic Theory of Smooth Automorphic Representations
Replicating the Effects of a Passive Boundary-Layer Fence via Active Flow Control
Effect of Pre and Post-Partum Lying Time on Metabolic Status, Health, Survival, and Performance of Dairy Cows
A Conductor's and Performer's Guide to Steven Bryant's Concerto for Alto Saxophone
Transition Metal Catalyzed Hydrofunctionalization of Olefins
Defect and Metal Oxide Control of Schottky Barriers and Charge Transport at ZnO Interfaces
Music and the Mennonite Ethnic Imagination
Exploration of the Role of Cultural Mismatch on Risk and Protective Factors for High School Dropout
Herakles and Dionysos in Archaic Greece
High Switching Frequency High Switching Speed Inverter Design
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon-Oxycarbide Catalyzed Graphene Networks
Essays in Mechanism Design and Implementation Theory
Insights into the Function and Regulation of PAK5 in Melanoma
Formability, lubrication, and springback in sheet metal forming
Stand By Me: Race, Marital Status, Allostatic Load and Self-Reported Health
Data Analysis of Galaxy Statistics: Determining Cosmological Parameters with Large Scale Structure
Evaluation of Speech Perception and Psychoacoustic Abilites Following Chemotherapy
“It’s More Than Playing Music”: Perceptions of a Concert Band Program from Members of a Predominantly Latino School Community
Integration of Radio Frequency Harvesting with Low Power Sensors
Retroviral 5´-untranslated region RNA structure and interactions with viral and host proteins
The Bodies Belong to No One: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men in Literature and Law, 1934-2010
Strength in Numbers: Social Identity, Political Ambition, and Group-Based Legislative Party Switching
RNA Secondary Structures: from Biophysics to Bioinformatics
Genetic and Parenting Contributions to Heterotypic Symptom Co-occurrence in a Longitudinal Community Sample of Children: A Multilevel Modeling Study and Exploratory Analyses Using Machine Learning
Correlations of Electronic Interface States and Interface Chemistry on Dielectric/III-Nitride Heterostructures for Device Applications
Now Hear This: Onomatopoeia, Emanata, Gitaigo, Giongo – Sound Effects in North American Comics and Japanese Manga and How They Impact the Reading Experience
The Theory of Environmental Deficit Phenomenon: The Effect of Recess on Attention and Emotion Regulation and a Broader Explanation of the Connectedness of People and the Natural World
Three Essays on Mexico’s Rural Farmers, Poverty, and Connective Infrastructure
Tensor network and neural network methods in physical systems
Reconstructing the Postwar Culture -- Takeda Taijun and His Chūgoku Mono (China-related Writings)
A Survey of Chamber Works for Trumpet and Electronics
Fundamental Understanding of Mass Transfer during in-place cleaning for Food-Contact surfaces
Examining relationships between interpersonal emotion regulation, mental health, and relationship quality in female friend dyads
Essays in Macroeconomics
The Reliability of Cross-Cultural Communication in Contemporary Anglophone Arab Writing
Highlights in History: The Intersection of Childhood and Children’s Literature in Highlights for Children Magazine
Topological phases with crystalline symmetries
The Effects of an Integrated Early Literacy and Motor Skill Intervention on Children’s Alphabet Knowledge, Initial Sound Awareness, and Fundamental Motor Skill Outcomes: An Early Efficacy Study
Altering Histone Dynamics in vitro and in vivo
Understanding and Control of Coupling of Supersonic Twin Jets Using Localized Arc Filament Plasma Actuators
Structure-Property Relationships in Model Ionomers from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Discovery and characterization of macrocyclic peptidyl inhibitors against multiple protein targets
Microfluidic Technologies: Micromagnetic Doublet Dynamics and Nucleic Acid Testing
Substitution of Catalytic Calcium to Divalent Metal Cations in Paraoxonase 1 (PON1): Implications for the Catalytic Mechanism
Nonparametric Covariance Estimation for Longitudinal Data
“Battles Were Not Fought In Lines”: Nationalism, Industrialism and Progressivism in the American Military Discourse, 1865-1918
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Defects in Semiconductors: Inter-Defect and Host Interactions of Zn, Er, Mn, V, and Co Single-Atom Defects in GaAs(110)
Tunnel-injected Ultra-violet Light Emitting Diodes
Service Preview Using Virtual Reality: Enhancing Hotel Pre-Experience in Customer Journey
Further Applications of Reactive In-Mold Coating (IMC): Effect of Inhibitor and Conductive Colored Coating
"Second to the Right, and Straight on Till Morning": Audiences, Progression and the Rhetoric of the Portal-Quest Fantasy in J. M. Barrie's "Peter and Wendy"
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