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July 2018

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Confinement, Containment and Punishment: State Enforcement Practices in the US Asylum-Seeking Process at the Border
Reading as Forgetting: Sympathetic Transport and the Victorian Literary Marketplace
Systematics and evolution of the superfamily Platygastroidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera)
The evolutionary history of the bat genus Myotis
Perturbation Theories in Astrophysics: From Large-Scale Structure To Compact Objects
Towards Understanding and Predicting Adaptive Behaviors in Human Locomotion
Visual Analysis of Bayesian Networks for Electronic Health Records
Channel Fulfillment Characteristics, Retail Network Structure and Buy-Online-Ship-From-Store Performance: Inventory Behavior and Channel Service Implications
Elastic Statistical Shape Analysis with Landmark Constraints
The Impact of NCAA Sanctions on Student-Athletes
Development And Evaluation of Efficacy of Novel Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Virus Vaccine Candidates in Pigs
Variable Vowel Reduction in Mexico City Spanish
Three Essays on Household Life-Cycle Investment Decisions
Virus-Host Interaction: The Multifaceted Roles of IFITMs and LY6E in HIV Infection
NMR methods and analysis for determining correlated structural distributions in amorphous solids
Novel Insights into Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma: Elucidating the Role of the IL6/GP130 Signaling Cascade in Disease Pathogenesis via Upregulation of MDM2
Mono- and Bimetallic Polypyridyl Systems for Solar Energy Applications: Tuning and Identification of Excited States Through Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Insomnia, cognitive impairment, and decision-making among patients with heart failure: A randomized study of brief behavioral treatment for insomnia
The Associations between Dialogue Patterns and Peer Social Relationships during Collaborative Small-Group Discussions: A Multiple Methods Approach
New Imaging Approaches for Process Tomography Based on Capacitive Sensors
Simulation-based optimization of Hybrid Systems Using Derivative Free Optimization Techniques
Optimized Mouse Models for the Discovery of Novel Targets and Testing of Melanoma Preventative Agents
Studies of Vibrational Excitation and Rotational-Translational Temperature in Non-Equilibrium Plasmas and Hydrogen Flames by Nanosecond Coherent Anti-Stoke Raman Scattering Spectroscopy
Reactivity of Tetraborylmethanes and Electronic Structure Calculations of Dimensionally Reduced Materials
Characterizing Impact of Select Bacterial Isolates on Perinatal Pioneer Microbial Colonization and GIT Development
From Baritone to Tenor: Making the Switch
Dirhodium(II,II) Complexes as Red-Light Absorbing Photosensitizers and as Catalysts for Photocatalytic Proton Reduction
Mechanistic studies of enzymes involved in DNA transactions
Probing and Modeling Biomolecule-Nanoparticle Interactions by Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Multi-scale Modeling of Oxidation and Reduction Chemistry on Transition Metal Oxides
DEMONEXT: the DEdicated MONitor of EXotransits and Transients
Social Expectancy Disconfirmation Both Magnifies and Attenuates Judgmental Extremity
Look-ahead control of hybrid electric vehicles.
Ecosystem Service in Life Cycle Assessment: Methodology, Computational Structure and Applications
The dichotomy between structure and randomness and applications to combinatorial number theory
A Gamified Design of Institutional Program for Chinese as a Foreign Language
Computational Models of the Production and Perception of Facial Expressions
Dissecting the Pathogenesis of Type I Endometrial Carcinoma through Mouse Models
Multitask Learning in Computer Vision
Electronic and Transport Properties of Weyl Semimetals
Renaissance Borderlands: Geographies of Race in Early Modern Drama
Properties of 2D/3D Heterojunctions Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
The Bass Trombonist's Guide to the Tuba Repertoire
Exploring L2 Learners’ Multimodal Composition Practices in a College-Level ESL Academic Writing Class
Three Essays in Effects of Early-Life Radiation Exposure on Human Outcomes
Surveying Transient Host Galaxies with ASAS-SN
Optical Properties of Two Dimensional Semiconductors
The Reputation Game: Searching for Low-Wage Work in Urban Nicaragua
Functional Study of Pi9- and Piz-t- Associated Protein (PANs and PAZs) in resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae
Secure Efficient Identity-Based Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Status Message Broadcasting without Bilinear Pairing
Three Essays on the Financial and Environmental Sustainability of Drought Mitigation Strategies and Rural Economic Development
A Material Sign of Self: The Book as Metaphor and Representation in Fifteenth-Century Northern European Art
Likelihood-Free Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Functional Linear Models
Spatiotemporal Stochastic Modeling of Influenza Virus Infection in Human Lung Epithelial Cells
Probing the Active Site of CNx Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acidic Media: A First-Principles Study
Structure-Functional and Substrate Specificity studies of Escherichia coli YidC
Unraveling the molecular interactions between M. oryzae and Rice and assessment value in plant pathology labs
Three papers on midlife parenthood and health
Cognitive Risk Mapping in Low Birthweight Children
The Effect of the iPad Math Intervention Mathspace on High School Algebra Computation Skills
Oxygen Sensing Electrospun Nanofibers for Biological Applications
Crying Shame: Childhood, Development, and Imperialism in the Late Victorian Novel
The Interaction of Geometric and Spatial Reasoning: Student Learning of 2D Isometries in a Special Dynamic Geometry Environment
Theoretical Studies of Reactive Intermediates in Complex Reaction Mechanisms
Identification and Isolation of Secondary Metabolites from Podocarpus neriifolius Using Bioactivity-Guided and 1D-NMR-Based Dereplication Approaches
Electronic transport properties of one- and two-dimensional materials
Epithelial Cells and Gut Microbiota: Role in Allergic Sensitization and Allergic Responses
Studies in particle astrophysics with the ANITA experiment
Russian Shanson as Tamed Rebel: From the Slums to the Kremlin
Understanding Black Hole Formation in String Theory
Identity and Knowledge Construction in Disciplinary Writing
Theorizing Teaching Practices in Mathematical Modeling Contexts Through Examination of Teacher Scaffolding
Essays on Quantity Surcharges and Consumer Heterogeneity
Torsion in homology of random simplicial complexes
Understanding Heterogeneity in the Personality and Interpersonal Functioning of Worriers
Agbioscience: perspectives of an emerging transdiscipline using the Delphi method
Molecular Roles of ROS in Mouse Respiratory Skeletal Muscle
Sm in Postmodern America
Plant Carnivory and the Evolution of Novelty in Sarracenia alata
An Evaluation of High Frequency HRV and Emotion Regulation as Moderators of the Relation between Traumatic Events and Physical and Mental Health Outcomes
Designing and Building Efficient HPC Cloud with Modern Networking Technologies on Heterogeneous HPC Clusters
Novel signaling mechanisms for Transforming Growth Factor-β activated kinase-1 (TAK1) in microtubule and endoplasmic reticulum dynamics
The Application of Ru(II) Polypyridyl Photoinduced Ligand Exchange from Drug Delivery to Photoactivation of Fluorescent Dyes
Using Hsp90 inhibitors to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia by targeting the BCR-NFkappaB pathway
‘Becoming Also Americans’: An Ethnographic Study of Youth Racial Identity in Lewiston, Maine
Experimental Investigation of the Initial Stages of a VHTR Air-ingress Accident following a Cross Vessel Break
Construction of Maps by Postnikov Towers
Developing new Techniques for Investigating Static and Dynamic Magnetic Degrees of Freedom
An Exploratory Case Study on the Academic Identity Development of Student-Athletes
Nature versus Nurture: The Influence of Phylogenetic Relatedness, Origin, and Environment on Native and Introduced Woody Shrubs in the Eastern United States
Search for long-lived resonance decaying to a dilepton pair in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Dreams of Democracy, Logistics of Crowds: Public Gatherings on the National Mall
Three Essays on Global Stock Markets
Near-optimal designs for Gaussian Process regression models
Within-species variation in cognition in cichlid fishes: influences of social status and personality.
Fabrication and Characterization of a Molten Salt Application Silicon Carbide Alpha Detector
Using Computational Modeling Techniques to Identify and Target Viable Drug Delivery Protocols to Treat Chronic Otitis Media
The Effect of a Major Customer’s Information Quality on Its Supplier’s Investment Decisions
Controlling excited state electron delocalization via subtle changes to inorganic molecular structures
New Computational And Experimental Approaches For Studying Ion Acceleration And The Intense Laser-Plasma Interaction
"What Happened to My Village?": Narratives of Previously Incarcerated Black Males and the Importance of Family, School, and Community Relationships
Kripalu Yoga in Drug and Alcohol Treatment- A Feasibility Study
Multi-scale logarithmic transient models for postseismic displacements and the physical causes of postseismic transient deformation
Bodies of Stories: Disability and Folklore in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Development and Application of CPX-CMR for Assessment of Human Cardiopulmonary Response to Training and Ketogenic Diet Intervention
Resistance and Ultrasonic Spot Welding of Light-Weight Metals
Faerie Legend, Fairy Tale, and the Gothic Aesthetic in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
MG53 protein protects aortic valve interstitial cells from membrane injury and fibrocalcific remodeling
What Makes a Street Appealing For Walking? An Experimental Study on Urban Streets
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