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November 2018

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Smile like you mean it: Japanese native perceptions of the facial expressions of American learners of L2 Japanese in specified contexts
Impact of Standards Based Grading on Perceived Classroom Goal Structures and Student Motivational Beliefs
Analysis of microbial communities in three diverse commodity systems
Understanding Prototype Foamy Virus Integrase Site Selection, Activity, and Stability
A study of river discharge estimation methods for the forthcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission
1.0 Clinicians in a 3.0 World: An Examination of the Adoption of Technology for Professional Learning
Feasibility and Acceptability of an Integrative Therapy for Symptom Management in Patients with Pumonary Hypertension
Investigation of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm exopolysaccharide Psl and its role during infection
Development of a Tool to Assist the Nuclear Power Plant Operator in Declaring a State of Emergency Based on the Use of Dynamic Event Trees and Deep Learning Tools
Theory of Short-range Electron Transfer Reactions in Biological Systems
Functional Polymeric Hydrogels in Stem/Progenitor Therapy and Therapeutic Angiogenesis
Post-synthetic Functionalization of Bioactive Compounds for Rapid Anticancer Library Expansion and Antimicrobial Mechanistic Probe Development
Feeding Infants with Cleft Lip and/or Palate
Effects of Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy on Brain and Behavior
Investigations of macromolecules and small biomolecules by solution NMR: applications to the intracellular loop structure of the sodium-calcium exchanger and metabolite identification methods
Molecular interactions of brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys with its bacterial endosymbiont Pantoea carbekii and their role in nutrient provisioning
Between the Inside and the Outside: Seven American Composers in the Twentieth Century and Their Piano Pieces
Losing the Game of Representation: The Portrayal of Black Female Athletes in Children's Picturebooks
Integrated Multi-Scale Modeling Framework for Simulating Failure Response of Materials with Complex Microstructures
Studies on 3-Hydroxypropionate Metabolism in Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Physiology, Photochemistry, and Fitness of Mexican Maize Landraces in the Field
Development of a Lipid Nanoparticle-based Antisense Delivery Platform for Cancer Therapy
High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth and Multi-mode Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) for Telemetry Applications
Impact of the Human Lung Mucosa on Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection of Alveolar Epithelial Cells
Extension of Similarity Functions and their Application to Chemical Informatics Problems
A Structural and Biochemical Investigation of Human DNA Polymerase Beta
Capacitively-Coupled, Pseudo Return-to-Zero Input, Latched-Bias Data Receiver
Characterization of MAX and FOXA2 mutations unique to endometrial cancer
Highly-efficient Low-Noise Buck Converters for Low-Power Microcontrollers
Halanaerobium congolense: A Transplanted Microbe that Dominates Hydraulically Fractured Well Microbial Communities
Bioorganometallic Chemistry within Nickel-Substituted Azurin: From Protein Design to Reactivity
Numerical Modeling and Computation of Radio Frequency Devices
Magnetic Proximity Effect Inside Heterostructures of 2-D Materials and Thin Films Adjacent to Magnetic Insulators
Effects of Urbanization on Transmission Dynamics of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome in China
Teachers' perceptions and a researcher's observations toward implementing inquiry-based instructional approaches
Consumer’s extending self via Augmented-reality makeup service
Cognitive and Theoretical Analyses of Expressive Performance Choices
New Insights leading to West Nile Virus from Hydrological Perspective of View
Three Essays: Hybrid Model Based Analysis of the Science Workforce
Bodies in Play: Representations of Disability in 8- and 16-bit Video Game Soundscapes
Identification and characterization of proteins required for RNA-directed DNA Methylation, including the RNA binding protein ALY1
"The Composer-Conductor: An Examination of the Relationship and Connection between Two Disciplines" and "Symphony No. 1 for Band: Ohi yo'"
Bridging the Gap: Probing Structure-Property Relationships in Functional Materials through Advanced Electron Microscopy Based Characterization
Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Disturbed and Undisturbed Sites in a Peat Bog in Ohio- Growing Season Dynamics in Porewater Concentration and Emission Pathways.
Ingot Metallurgy Thermomechanical Processing of a Gamma-Prime Containing Cobalt-Base Superalloy
Memorial museum as a “Perfect End”: re-imagining memorial museums through split and continuum
Use of Connected Vehicle Technology for Improving Fuel Economy and Driveability of Autonomous Vehicles
Development of Reduced-Order Computational Models for Digital Manufacturing of Flexible Wire Harnesses
Boldness Behavior and Chronic Stress in Free-Ranging, Urban Coyotes (Canis latrans)
Interactive Data Deformation Techniques to Improve Feature Visibility in Scientific Visualization
A Methodology to Establish Scuffing Limits for Lubricated Point Contacts Subject to Sliding
Facilitated Transport Membranes for Post-combustion Carbon Capture and H2 Purification: From Membrane Synthesis to Process Design
Praxes and Revolution: An Eploration of Enver Hoxha’s Philosophy of Education
Accelerating Analytical Query Processing with Data Placement Conscious Optimization and RDMA-aware Query Execution
The efficacy of BM-MSC in reconstructing large craniofacial defects and the immune response at local defect sites
Nickel-Substituted Rubredoxin as a Protein-Based Enzymatic Mimic for [NiFe] Hydrogenase
Light-Responsive Molecular Baskets
A Philosophical Analysis of STEM Education
Ethnic and Racial Formation on the Concert Stage: A Comparative Analysis of Tap Dance and Appalachian Step Dance
Molecular Mechanisms for Antiviral Activities of and HIV-1 Resistance to Allosteric Integrase Inhibitors
Catalytic Material Design: Design Factors Affecting Catalyst Performance for Biomass and Fine Chemical Applications
Geodetic and Oceanographic Aspects of Absolute versus Relative Sea-Level Change
Optimal Control and Reinforcement Learning of Switched Systems
Plant nuclear envelope-associated proteins function in development and symbiosis.
Toolpath Generation for Ultraprecision Machining
Investigation Near the Fusion Boundary of Grade 91 Steel Dissimilar Metal Welds with Nickel Based Filler Metals
The Impact of Safety on Walk-to-School Behavior: Analysis of Local Safe Routes to School Program Data
Keeping Wheat in Rotation
The epidemiology of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection at OSU Medical Center and comparison of bedside score systems
Adaptive Robust Stochastic Transmission Expansion Planning
Pushing Students’ Self/Other Boundaries in Order to Teach Critically About Difference
Race, Social Capital and the (Re)Production of Inequality: The Case of Multiracial Churches
Finite Element Simulation of Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming with Barlat 2004 Yield Function, CPFEM, and 3D RVE
Control System Design for Autonomous Vehicle Path Following and Collision Avoidance
Aero-Propulso-Elasticity Analysis of a Commercial Supersonic Transport
Cultural Competency of Short Term Education Abroad Student Participants
Development of an Administrative Claims-Based Prospective Risk Tier Method for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Episodes of Care
Pioneering Soil Viromics to Elucidate Viral Impacts on Soil Ecosystem Services
Behavior and Genetic Aspects of Boldness and Aggression in Urban Coyotes (Canis latrans)
Fatemapping of Urothelial Cell Lineages During Normal Kidney Development and Renal Pathogenesis
Progressive Collapse of Frame Buildings
Improving Electric Grid Security: Defense Planning and Security Constrained ACOPF via Robust Optimization
Evaluation of College Credit Plus: Dual Enrollment in Ohio
The Melodramatic Discourse of “Todo es ETA” in Cinema: Terrorism and the Re-Enactment of a Conservative Postimperialist Masculine Spanish Nationalism
Properties of Hurdle Negative Binomial models for Zero-Inflated and Overdispersed Count data
Recovering Chinese Nonlocal Dependencies with a Generalized Categorial Grammar
Developing Synthesis and Characterization Methods for Enhancing Material Performance
Etiology, epidemiology and management of fruit rot of deciduous holly in US nursery production
Zinc oxide nanorod array as an inhibitory biointerface
Toughen PHBV Bioplastics with Natural Rubber to Broaden Their Packaging Applications
Forecasting in the Unseeable: A Mixed Methods Model of Planktonic and Biofilm-Bound Legionella pneumophia in Building Water Systems
Mechanistic insights into the slicing specificity of ARGONAUTE and development of a programmable RNA endonuclease
Properties of SU(2, 1) Hecke-Maass cusp forms and Eisenstein series
Television Exposure and Preschool Children’s Executive Function: The Role of Content and Context
Attosecond Probing of Electron Dynamics in Atoms and Molecules using Tunable Mid-Infrared Drivers
Design and Heterogeneous Integration of Single and Dual Band Pulse Modulated Class E RF Power Amplifiers
Using 3-Dismensional Reconstruction and Geometric Parameters to Understand the Renal Fornix Response to Congenital Obstructive Nephropathy
Identification of mammalian cell signaling in response to plasma membrane perforation: Endocytosis of Listeria monocytogenes and The Repair Machinery
Spatial Differences in Flows and Costs of Residential Mortgage Capital during Boom and Bust in Ohio
Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Algorithms on Unstructured Meshes for Kinetic Plasma Simulations
Gestures From the Deathzone: Creative Practice, Embodied Ontologies and Cosmocentric Approaches to Africana Identities.
Find What Works Best For You: Learning to Practice in a Large Ensemble
Impact Welding: Fundamental Studies on Weld Interface Structure
Enhancement of CFD Surrogate Approaches for Thermo-Structural Response Prediction in High-Speed Flows
Synovial Extracellular Matrix and Synovial Mesenchymal Stem Cells are Chondrogenic In Vitro and In vivo
Create extended Landau levels of large degeneracy with photons
A Study of Tau Protein aggregation in vitro
Temporal Discounting and Retention to Care and Adherence to ART among HIV-infected Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women
On Protein Recruitment Dynamics in Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis and its Relation to Membrane Tension
Operando 7Li Solid State NMR for the Characterization of Battery Anodes
Spatial Inequalities in Disabled Livelihoods: An Empirical Study of U.S. Counties
Investigation and Engineering of the Homogeneity and Current Injection of Molecular Beam Epitaxy Grown III-Nitride Nanowire Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes
Echoic Flow for Guidance and Control
Geodesy, crustal deformation and neotectonic segmentation of the eastern Central Andes
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