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Graduate students are expected to follow all rules and processes pertaining to examinations. 

Graduate degree examinations are a major milestone in all graduate students’ pursuit of their graduate degree. Much hinges on the successful completion of these examinations, including the ability to continue in a graduate program. 

The rules and processes set by the Graduate School ensure the integrity of these examinations for graduate students, the graduate faculty, and for Ohio State. 

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Doctoral Examinations

All PhD and DMA degrees require a candidacy examination and a final examination. Some graduate programs also require a preliminary examination.

Professional Doctoral Examination

Students are required to take a professional doctoral examination testing the students understanding of the theoretical and applied fundamentals of the field as well as the student’s readiness to engage in a sustained clinical or professional experience.

Master's Examination

The master’s examination is administered under the auspices of the local program’s graduate studies committee.

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