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Faculty & Staff Resources

Best practices, policy and procedures, and governance information. Learn when graduate faculty, graduate programs, the Graduate School, and State of Ohio processes are involved.

Fellowship Guidelines

The nuts and bolts of the Graduate School fellowship process.

Fellowships are a crucial part of recruiting highly qualified candidates to your program or college. Here are details on student eligibility, the selection process, and related information.


Recruiting the best and brightest students is key to a robust graduate program. Recruit more effectively with these best practices and other insights.

Matching Tuition

Outside funding sometimes calls for internal tuition and fee support. Programs work with the Graduate School to secure matching support.

Proposing New Programs Or Degrees

Graduate studies committees are responsible for developing proposals for new graduate programs, degrees, interdisiplinary specializations and minors, and for working with the Graduate School during this process.

Graduate Faculty

The Graduate Faculty are members of the general faculty approved to conduct graduate education at Ohio State. Appointment to the general faculty must precede appointment to the Graduate Faculty and is a condition of it.

Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee oversees and administers its graduate degree program. It is the liaison between the Graduate School and the Graduate Faculty members in the graduate program.

Graduate Faculty Representative

Category P graduate faculty at Ohio State serve as graduate faculty representatives on final oral examinations and for doctoral students taking a second candidacy examination.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the principal advisory body of the Graduate School and participates in the development of rules, policies, and standards pertaining to graduate programs, graduate associates, and fellowships.

Learning Goals Assessment

Learning goals assessment allows faculty to answer two questions. First, what do we want students to know and do by the end of their graduate program at Ohio State? 


GRADFORMS is the Graduate School’s web based portal for the submission of graduate level forms associated with student, faculty, and staff processes at OSU. Students can find electronic forms to apply for graduation, submit a candidacy exam application and apply for final examination. Faculty and staff working with graduate students can also access gradforms to approve and update forms and manage faculty/advisors listings.

We provide leadership, service and advocacy. 

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