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Fellowship Offer Tied to Original Graduate Program

The fellowship offer applies exclusively to graduate study in the graduate program making the nomination. Any change in a student’s enrollment status, including entry into a combined program or transfer to another program, must be approved by the Graduate School prior to that change and could result in the loss of the fellowship and/or full fee authorization support.

Fellowship students must be in attendance on the Columbus or Wooster campus and be pursuing a graduate degree in the program specified in the fellowship award letter from the Dean of the Graduate School. Exceptions to the residency requirement might include language study or research at another institution; however, fellows must continue to enroll at Ohio State and follow the policy for attendance of their classes.

Fellows are expected to abide by the professional codes of ethics and responsibilities of the university and those commonly accepted in the fellow’s field of study. These codes include, but are not limited to, the Graduate Student Code of Research and Scholarly Conduct and the Code of Student Conduct and Codes of Academic Misconduct. Fellows must also maintain good academic standing (Graduate School Handbook 5.1) in the Graduate School and make reasonable progress (Graduate School Handbook 5.4) toward the graduate degree.