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Option 1: Reallocation based on expected number of declined fellowships

This option is suitable for graduate programs that wish to use reallocations to make early fellowships offers to students and are willing to speculate on their number of declined fellowships. Reallocation requests must reflect reasonable expectations of student matriculation based on past competitions.

Reallocated fellowships may be awarded to students who have been admitted to the graduate program and meet the fellowship eligibility criteria or may be used to add an additional year or years to a fellowship award provided the individual is eligible for a multi-year fellowship.

For multi-year fellowships, graduate programs are required to guarantee in writing full, continuous financial support for the intervening years. Graduate programs using Option One are potentially assuming a portion or full financial responsibility for the fellowship stipend and agree to transfer funds that are not covered by reallocations to the Graduate School.

Example. A graduate program has 12 fellowships awarded to students in the UFP competition and anticipates that 4 students will decline their fellowship offers (for 1 and 1/3 reallocations). The program uses Option One to offer a one-year fellowship to 2 students who meet the fellowship eligibility criteria. If the program receives its 4 anticipated declines and both students accept their awards, the program will use 1 reallocation for the first fellowship, at no cost to the program, and will use 1/3 for the second student but will owe the Graduate School two-thirds of the stipend cost to cover the remaining amount for the second student.

Programs can identify a reallocation nominee as soon as competition fellowships are announced and can notify Fellowship Services so that a letter of offer can go out as soon as possible. Programs should accompany this notification with a letter specifying additional college level fellowship year(s) (if applicable) and specifying funding for intervening years. Fellowship awardees must return the Option One Reallocation Fellowship Agreement Form to the Graduate School by April 15 (5 p.m.)