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UFP Nomination Caps

Graduate programs have a maximum number of nominations they can submit to the University Fellowship competition (i.e., UF, DUF or DDUF). Every graduate program has a guaranteed minimum number of nominations (three) or the number as determined by the nomination formula, whichever is greater. This number is the graduate program’s nomination cap (Appendix B).

Programs may nominate as many eligible students for multi-year awards (DDU, DUF) as they wish within their nomination cap (Appendix B), but only if they are willing to provide full intervening years of support, so that the student receives 6 years minimum support in total (Section 4). Students nominated for a DUF or DDUF will be automatically considered for a UF.

Students nominated for University Fellowships may be also be nominated for Graduate Enrichment Fellowships (Section 14) provided the program justification specifies how the candidate(s) enhance the diversity of the program and/or the Graduate School (Section 8.4).

See Section 14.1 for additional information about maximum years of Graduate School fellowship support.