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Nomination Cap Formula

The number of nominations allowed per graduate program is based on a formula that accounts for each program’s number of awards by headcount in each award (irrespective of the number of award years) over the past three years and the number of acceptances of fellowship awards by headcount over that same period (see Nomination Caps Calculation Summary).

This formula provides incentive for recruiting eligible nominees and balances the stability of considering prior cap numbers with an incentive to strategize to increase acceptances.

Nomination cap = (Base number + Bonus number) × .75

Nomination Cap: the maximum number of University Fellowship nominations allowed for a graduate program

Base Number: a program’s average number of awards (combining awards from both University and Graduate Enrichment Fellowship programs, including College Allotted Fellowships) for the last three years.

Bonus number: ½ of a program’s average award acceptances for the past three years.