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Program Support

Graduate School Fellowship support is guaranteed for the length of the awarded fellowship only (Table 1). However, the Graduate School expects graduate programs to provide intervening years of support as summarized below. Such support, particularly when guaranteed at the time of the fellowship offer, can be an effective tactic in recruiting talented students.

For one-year fellowships (UF and GE), the Graduate School encourages graduate programs to continue support of their Fellows provided they are making reasonable progress towards their degrees.

For multi-year fellowships (DUF, DDUF, DGE and DDGE) the Graduate School requires that intervening years of support must be provided by the graduate program at a level no less than that of a unit’s monthly stipend for GA appointments. Programs are strongly encouraged to match the stipend-level(s) offered by the Graduate School fellowships. The programs must guarantee this support in writing to the fellow at the time of the initial fellowship award notification.

Graduate programs must commit to a minimum of 3 to 4 years of support for the various multiyear fellowships as specified in Table 1. A commitment of fewer years will be considered if it is consistent with the program’s doctoral completion norms.

Intervening years of support may take the form of either a 9 or 12-month fellowship or traineeship (100% time/no service) or graduate associateship (50% time/20 hours of service per week).

The graduate program is not obligated to fund the student after the dissertation/thesis year if the student does not complete their dissertation or thesis and graduate at the end of that year, or if the student has received a total of six years of support.