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Waivers for University Fellowships

The Graduate School believes that rigorous, established criteria for nominations are the foundation and threshold baseline of the UFP competition. The Graduate School’s waiver policy enables graduate programs to nominate exceptionally qualified applicants who may fall short on the required minimum undergraduate cGPA. Waivers cannot be used for Graduate Enrichment (Section 6.2) or College Allocated fellowship nominations (Section 9.3), as those nominations use a petition process. The number of waivers allotted to each graduate program is 25% of the graduate program’s nomination cap or two, whichever is greater. If a program submits fewer UFP nominations than its nomination cap, the number of waivers is adjusted to be equal to no more than 25% of a program’s actual total number of nominations.

2 ≤ # of Waivers ≤ .25(# of UFP nominations)

If all application materials are present and the nominee’s credentials do not meet the minimum undergraduate cGPA for the UFP competition, the nomination will be reviewed only if the nominee is noted as having one waiver on the Graduate School Nomination System summary screen. Graduate programs are responsible for entering all approved waivers in the summary screen in the Graduate School Nomination System.

Any nomination not meeting all of the fellowship eligibility criteria for the UFP competition that has not been identified as having a waiver will not be included in the competition. Missing items from the fellowship folder are not a permissible basis for a waiver.