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EDWARD | (Step-by-step Instructions | Log in) is the document management system that is available for programs to use to upload nomination documents and compile them into a nomination packet.  EDWARD is an optional tool that is available to programs to compile nomination packets but is not required to assemble packets.  Creating packets in EDWARD will not automatically upload them to GradAwards.  Programs must upload final packets to GradAwards for each nominee.  EDWARD is run by the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions.

For each nominee, the graduate program must upload a complete set of fellowship nomination materials in the order listed below as one PDF.

Final nomination packets must be submitted as one single PDF.  The GradAwards system is not able to load a PDF in portfolio PDF format.  Combining files means that all files will be converted to PDF format, whereas creating a PDF portfolio preserves the files in their original file format and you can edit or modify them in their native application without removing them from the portfolio.  Submissions must be submitted in a combined PDF format.

Required Nomination Materials:

  • The graduate program’s signed justification statement
  • The nominee’s statement of purpose
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation (letters of recommendation from the admission application are permissible)
  • The nominee’s undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts

Following compilation, nomination materials created in EDWARD must be uploaded to the Graduate School Nomination System by 5:00 PM on the day of the submission deadline in a single PDF document. Programs must verify that their PDFs have been successfully uploaded and are complete.