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Scoring Criteria for GEFP Competition

In scoring nominations for the GE competition, a nominee’s academic productivity, experiences and characteristics (as defined in UF criteria above) will be equally weighted by the review process. In considering a nominee’s experiences and characteristics, the nominee’s potential contributions to the University and the Graduate School as a fellow, including their contributions to diversity of the Graduate School and the program, will be considered.

Nominating graduate programs are expected to provide a narrative describing how the nominee contributes to a diverse graduate student body in a manner that supports excellence in graduate education for their graduate program and/or the university. The narrative should include how the nominee’s matriculation to Ohio State would advance the educational mission and excellence of the Graduate School, including how the nominee’s prior academic and life experiences enhance the intellectual discourse of the university. Nominees that demonstrate diversity in thoughts and/or life experience and those that contribute to increasing multiple aspects of program diversity are most likely to succeed.