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Student Eligibility

General Conditions

Individuals who will be new graduate students at Ohio State in autumn semester of the 2018-2019 academic year are eligible for nomination. The committee will also consider students who meet the eligibility criteria and for whom spring or summer 2018 is their first term of graduate enrollment at Ohio State.

All awards are made with the understanding that support begins autumn 2018.

Eligible students may be nominated for University, Graduate Enrichment, or multi-year SROP fellowships, or all three. Students receiving a multi-year SROP Fellowship may not also receive a University or Graduate Enrichment fellowship, but they may have their fellowship combined with a college-level award.

Fellowship-specific eligibility requirements

Ohio State Students in Joint Bachelor's/Master's Programs

Outstanding Ohio State undergraduate students are sometimes recruited into accelerated undergraduate/graduate programs.

Students who are admitted into combined BA/MA or BS/MS programs may be nominated for one or multi-year Graduate School fellowships. Students admitted into an accelerated joint undergraduate/graduate program cannot be nominated for fellowship consideration in more than one annual competition.

Students who are admitted into combined BA/MA or BS/MS programs with the intent of pursuing the PhD at Ohio State must compete in the first fellowship competition following their admission to the combined programs.

Activation of the award will be deferred until the Graduate School receives documentation that the student has completed the master’s degree. This policy helps to ensure that such students are recruited to pursue their PhDs at Ohio State.

Ineligible Candidates

Graduate programs should screen their prospective nominees carefully so that they do not nominate ineligible candidates or more candidates than permitted by their nomination and waiver caps.

Persons ineligible for fellowship consideration or for a waiver

  • A student who has not been admitted to Ohio State
  • A student with an incomplete set of fellowship application materials
  • A student who does not qualify as a viable regular nominee or a waiver
  • A student who has been admitted conditionally
  • A student who will be enrolled in a professional degree program during the time of the fellowship (e.g., Medicine, Law)
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