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Graduate Enrichment Fellowship Program

There are three types of Graduate Enrichment Fellowships:

  1. Dean's Distinguished Graduate Enrichment Fellowship
  2. Dean’s Graduate Enrichment Fellowship
  3. Graduate Enrichment Fellowship

These fellowships provide the standard fellowship benefits.

Graduate School fellowship support is guaranteed for the length of the awarded fellowship only.

Since fellowship awardees are considered to be top scholars, the Graduate School expects that programs will provide adequate financial support through the completion of the fellow’s degree program. Graduate programs must inform awardees at the time of the fellowship offer of their willingness to provide (or not provide) additional financial support and the conditions, if any, that need to be met for continued support.

Diversity Defined

The Graduate School provides strategic leadership for graduate education at Ohio State by ensuring high standards for graduate programs and supporting the work of graduate students, faculty, and staff, including the effective recruitment, retention, and support of graduate students. Inherent in that commitment is the belief that diversity is critical to excellence in graduate education and research. 

The Graduate Enrichment Fellowship Program is an essential component of the Graduate School’s efforts toward advancing this excellence in education and research. The fellowship program considers candidates whose intellectual interests and diversity of experiences (for example, interests and experiences related to disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ethnic, racial, gender, or serving as McNair Scholar or SROP Fellow) would enhance the intellectual climate of the Graduate School. 

Nominating graduate programs are expected to provide a narrative of how the nominee’s matriculation to Ohio State would advance the educational mission and excellence of the Graduate School, including how the nominee’s undergraduate and prior life experiences enhance the intellectual discourse of the university. Nominees that successfully demonstrate diversity in thoughts, ideas, and experiences typically receive higher priority.


Graduate programs may nominate all eligible students for Graduate Enrichment Fellowships. No caps are placed on these fellowships. Programs may nominate as many eligible students for the DGE award as they wish if they are willing to provide the intervening years of support. Students nominated for the DGE are automatically considered for the GE. Programs must address how the nominee contributes to the diversity of the Graduate School in their justification letter.

Petitions to the Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who do not meet the criteria for nomination but have the potential to succeed in their graduate program and contribute to the diversity of the Graduate School may be nominated through a successful petition to the Graduate School.

Petitions justifying the inclusion of the nominee in the competition despite his or her not meeting the formal nomination criteria should be addressed to the associate dean.

Graduate Enrichment Petition Process

To petition the Graduate School for a waiver from either the GRE/GMAT minimums or the Cumulative Undergraduate GPA or both for a Graduate Enrichment nominee, the graduate studies chair must submit a written request addressed to the associate dean. This request must

  1. describe how the nominee will contribute diversity,
  2. identify the waiver category(ies), and
  3. provide a detailed justification for granting a waiver to the nominee.

Petitions must be approved prior to the submission of the nomination materials.

Graduate programs are responsible for entering all approved waivers in the summary screen in the Graduate School Nomination System.

Any nominee not meeting all of the fellowship eligibility criteria for a competition who has not been identified as having a waiver will automatically be denied access to the competition.

Missing items from the fellowship folder or unofficial test scores are not a permissible basis for a waiver.

Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Enrichment Fellowship

The Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Enrichment Fellowship provides first-year, second-year, and dissertation-year support. Fellowship tenure is for six consecutive semesters. No portion of the fellowship year may be deferred.

Dean’s Graduate Enrichment Fellowship

The Dean’s Graduate Enrichment Fellowship provides first-year and dissertation-year support. Fellowship tenure is for three consecutive semesters. No portion of the fellowship year may be deferred.

Graduate Enrichment Fellowship

The Graduate Enrichment Fellowship provides a tenure of three consecutive semesters of support and is nonrenewable. No portion of the fellowship year may be deferred.

Graduate programs are strongly encouraged to continue support of their Graduate Enrichment Fellows provided they are making reasonable progress towards their stated degrees. Such support, particularly when guaranteed at the time of the fellowship offer, can serve as an effective recruiting device for talented students.  

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