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Fellowships: How Nomination Numbers Are Determined

Graduate Enrichment Competition

The number of nominations a program can submit in the Graduate Enrichment competition is unlimited. This policy reflects the Graduate School’s commitment to support graduate programs as they pursue diversity among the graduate students they admit to their programs.

University Fellowship Competition

Graduate programs have a maximum number of nominations they can submit to the University Fellowship competition. Every graduate program has a guaranteed minimum number of nominations (three) or the number as determined by the nomination formula, whichever is greater. This number is the graduate program’s nomination cap.

Nomination Cap Formula

The number of nominations allowed per graduate program is based on a formula that takes into account each program’s awards over the past three years and the number of acceptances of fellowship awards over that same period.

nomination cap = (base number + bonus number) × .75

Nomination cap: the maximum number of nominations allowed for a graduate program

Base Number: a program’s average number of awards (combining awards from both University and Graduate Enrichment Fellowship programs) for the last three years.

Bonus number: ½ of a program’s average acceptances for the past three years.

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