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Information and Conditions for All Fellowships

Fees Not Covered by Fellowships

Fellowships do not cover

  • Payment of room and board
  • Application and/or acceptance fees
  • Books
  • COTA bus fee, student union, student activity fee, RPAC recreation fee, laboratory fees, student legal fee
  • Parking


Monthly fellowship stipends are subject to federal, state, and possibly city income taxes. Students may be required to file the appropriate estimated quarterly tax forms and should consult a tax professional.

Minimum Credit Hour Requirements

Fellows have minimum credit hour requirements. Master’s and pre-doctoral candidacy fellows must enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours during autumn and spring semesters and 6 hours during summer session when utilizing Graduate School fellowship support. Doctoral post-candidacy students must carry a minimum of 3 credit hours each term of fellowship support.

Fellowship Offer Tied to Original Graduate Program

The fellowship offer applies exclusively to graduate study in the graduate program making the nomination. Any change in a student’s enrollment status, including entry into a combined program or transfer to another program, must be approved by the Graduate School prior to that change and could result in the loss of the fellowship and/or full fee authorization support.

Other Appointments

Since fellows are expected to devote full attention to their academic studies, they are not permitted to be otherwise employed while on fellowship tenure. This includes all other types of university appointments, such as graduate teaching, research, and administrative associateships; graduate traineeships; and other graduate fellowships as well as campus or outside employment.

All exceptions to this policy must be approved, in advance, by the Graduate School.

A Graduate School fellow may be allowed to hold a supplemental appointment or concurrent employment of no more than 10 hours per week on the recommendation of the graduate studies committee chair and with the approval of the Graduate School. Requests should be addressed to the associate dean.

Terminating Fellowship Support

The Graduate School reserves the right to terminate fellowship support before the end of the award period for the following reasons:

  1. The fellow is no longer enrolled in Graduate School.
  2. The fellow is registered for fewer than the required minimum number of credit hours.
  3. The fellow fails to maintain reasonable progress towards the graduate degree, or fails to maintain good standing.
  4. The fellow receives a terminal degree.
  5. The fellow changes graduate programs without obtaining written approval from the appropriate graduate programs and associate dean of the Graduate School.
  6. The fellow accepts employment or any other type of financial support without the prior approval of the Graduate School.
  7. The fellow has been found in violation of the professional codes of ethics and responsibilities of the university. These codes include, but are not limited to, the Graduate Student Code of Research and Scholarly Conduct and the Code of Student Conduct. Violations are determined through the formal disciplinary and/or grievance procedures established by recognized bodies of the university.
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