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Fellowships: Submission Checklist

  1. Nomination

    Have you nominated your students for the appropriate fellowships (DDU, DUF, UF, DDGE, DGE, or GE) and do they meet the fellowship eligibility criteria? If not, has a waiver been applied or petition approved by the Graduate School?

  2. Deadline

    Have you nominated each student through SIS by the deadline (January 22 (5 p.m.))?

  3. Waivers and Petitions

    Have you identified the students in the Graduate School Nomination System who are being submitted under the waiver or petition policy? The total number of waivers cannot exceed 50% of a program’s nomination cap of total University Fellowship nominations actually made, or four whichever is greater. Students who do not meet the minimum for both the GPA and GRE/GMAT must be counted as two waivers. Graduate Enrichment petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Undergraduate GPA

    Have you verified, on the Nomination System, the cumulative undergraduate GPA for students who do not have a GPA calculated by the Graduate or International Admissions Office?

  5. Nomination Documents

    For every nominee, have you uploaded and verified the contents of the application as one PDF to the Graduate Admission’s edward system with all of the following materials in the order listed by the deadline?

    1. Signed graduate program justification statement
    2. The student's statement of purpose
    3. The nominee's vitae
    4. Three letters of recommendation
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