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University Fellowship Program


There are three University Fellowship types:

  1. Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship (DDU)
  2. Distinguished University Fellowship (DUF)
  3. University Fellowship (UF)

These fellowships provide the standard fellowship benefits.

Graduate School fellowship support is guaranteed for the length of the awarded fellowship only.

Since fellowship awardees are considered to be top scholars, the Graduate School expects that programs will provide adequate financial support through the completion of the fellow’s degree program. Graduate programs must inform awardees at the time of the fellowship offer of their willingness to provide (or not provide) additional financial support and the conditions, if any, that need to be met for continued support.


Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship

The Susan L. Huntington Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship is the most comprehensive of the three university fellowship types. It provides first-year, second-year, and dissertation-year support.

Distinguished University Fellowship

The Distinguished University Fellowship provides first-year and thesis or dissertation-year support.

University Fellowship

The University Fellowship provides three consecutive semesters of support and is nonrenewable.

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