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Graduate Faculty Representative

Category P graduate faculty at Ohio State serve as graduate faculty representatives on final oral examinations and for doctoral students taking a second candidacy examinations.

The graduate faculty representative serves an essential role in ensuring the integrity of doctoral examinations at Ohio State and is a vital resource when examinations are contested.

Graduate Faculty Representatives are full voting members of each examination committee.

This is a required and authorized responsibility of Category P graduate faculty at Ohio State.

See Graduate School Handbook


  • To participate fully in the exam (including reading the candidate's dissertation before the exam), to make an independent assessment of the candidate's competence, and to vote for the student to pass or fail
  • To ensure that the conduct of the exam conforms to Graduate School rules and to ensure that the level of the exam is appropriate for a doctoral degree
  • To halt the exam if a concern arises that cannot be resolved in the exam setting


Graduate Faculty Representatives are assigned by the Graduate School to doctoral exams taking place in any graduate program.

The Graduate School works with the faculty to identify examinations that will work within the faculty’s other commitments. 

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