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Types of Graduate School Fellowships

Section 10.1 of the Graduate School Handbook

Two distinct kinds of Graduate School fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis as described below.

  1. Graduate Recruitment Fellowships for students applying to begin a graduate program at Ohio State. The purpose of a graduate recruitment fellowship is to attract and retain a diverse, high quality graduate student population. Some graduate recruitment fellowships include a second and/or dissertation year of support as summarized below:
    • University Fellowship Program (UFP)
    • University Fellowship (UF) (first year only)
    • Distinguished University Fellowship (DUF)  (first and dissertation year)
    • Susan Huntington Dean's Distinguished University Fellowship (DDU) (first, second, and dissertation year)
    • Graduate Enrichment Fellowship Program (GEFP)
    • Graduate Enrichment Fellowship Fellowship (GE) (first year only)
    • Distinguished Graduate Enrichment Fellowship (DGE) (first and dissertation year)
    • Dean's Distinguished Graduate Enrichment Fellowship (DDGE) (first, second, and dissertation year)
    • Patrick S. Osmer Fellowship (first and dissertation year)
    • Engie-Axium Fellowship (first year only)
    • J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship (one year)
    • Pelotonia Graduate Fellowship (one year)
    • Early Offer Inclusive Excellence (first year only)
  2. Presidential Fellowships. Presidential Fellowships provide support to students completing their major terminal degree as a doctoral student or a student in a 3-year terminal degree program (e.g., Master of Fine Arts (MFA). This award recognizes the student’s demonstrated research potential and scholarly achievements and provides financial support to students so that they may complete their dissertation (and similar) requirements unencumbered by other duties.