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Section 10.2 of the Graduate School Handbook

The eligibility criteria for a Graduate School fellowship vary by kind of fellowship. However, recipients of all fellowships must meet the following minimal eligibility criteria.

The student: 

  • must be admitted to the Graduate School. 
  • must be pursuing a graduate degree at this university on a full-time basis. 
  • must maintain good standing (Section 5.1) in the Graduate School during the period of appointment. 
  • must maintain reasonable progress (Section 5.4) toward a graduate degree as determined by the Graduate Studies Committee. 
  • must hold no other paid appointment or employment during the term of the fellowship appointment. The Graduate School supports GTA and GRA experiences occurring during intervening years.

Additional Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Recruitment Fellowships.

The student must:

  • have no prior graduate enrollment at this university (excluding graduate non-degree status).
  • meet minimum grade-point average as specified for the type of fellowship for the undergraduate degree or a Master’s degree if applicable.
  • must meet the nationality and other requirements as specified for the type of fellowship.
  • GRE or GMAT test scores are not required for the application but are encouraged for programs in which these scores can indicate the high academic qualities of the student.

Additional Eligibility Criteria for Presidential Fellowships.

Presidential Fellowships are awarded for demonstration of excellence and are research-based.  In general, eligibility for the Presidential Fellowship is limited to doctoral (PhD and DMA) students. However, students in three-year terminal degree programs, such as the Master of Fine Arts (MFA), who are entering their final year of study and the final stages of their required major terminal degree projects are also eligible. It is expected that students nominated for the Presidential Fellowship will complete their degree requirements and graduate within the fellowship period. Graduate programs are strongly urged to provide support through graduation for any student awarded a Presidential Fellowship who does not complete their degree within the fellowship tenure period. 

All applicants must:

  • meet minimum GPA (3.6) requirements for all graduate course work at Ohio State.

Doctoral applicants must also:

  • have achieved the candidacy status prior to the Presidential Fellowship competition deadline.
  • have completed all PhD or DMA course work and enroll for 8999 hours only.