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Benefits Information

Section 10.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Fee Authorization. Students holding first-year and Presidential Fellowships receive a fee authorization for each semester or term on appointment. The authorization covers payment of the instructional and general fees, nonresident tuition, and learning technology fees. Other fees, including parking, student activity, recreation program, and COTA fees, as well as penalties for late registration and late fee payment, must be paid by the student. Notice of the fee authorization appears on the student’s Statement of Account.

Short-Term Absences and Leaves of Absence. The university has formalized a set of practices to be used by academic and administrative units to support GAs, fellows, and trainees during instances of personal and/or family illness, bereavement, childbirth, and adoption. (Appendix E)

Military Leave. Graduate School fellows who are members of the Ohio National Guard or any other reserve component of the United States Armed Forces who involuntarily are ordered to extended United States military service are granted leave without pay. The fellow is required to submit to the Graduate School a copy of military orders or other statement in writing from the appropriate military authority as evidence of the call for training or duty. Within 90 days from the date of honorable discharge or completion of training or active duty, the fellow will be returned to the previously held fellowship upon application for such reinstatement and reenrollment as a graduate student.

Parking Permits. Fellows are permitted to purchase “C” student or “B” staff parking permits, either for Central or West Campus. Written verification of the fellowship must be submitted to CampusParc prior to the time of purchase. Daytime garage permits are available.

Health Insurance. All fellows, including regional campus students, are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHI) upon registration, unless the student receives an exemption. (See Section 9.5 for details.) Further information about health insurance benefits for funded graduate students is also available from the Office of Human Resources.

Taxes. The monthly stipend received by Graduate School fellows may be subject to federal, state and local taxes.