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Non-Graduate School Funded Fellowships/Traineeships

Section 10.6 of the Graduate School Handbook

Administration and Approval. Students may receive fellowship or traineeship support from other university units (e.g., college or departmental fellowships) or external sources (e.g., fellowships from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association or the Fulbright, etc.). In these cases, the unit responsible for the fellowship and its administration will vary. In most cases these students receive non-graduate school funded fellowships through the Ohio State payroll system administered through the home unit. Students who receive their stipends directly from a funding agency are considered External Fellows and may not be eligible for student health insurance.

Credit Hours. Fellows who have not yet completed the candidacy examination must be registered in the Graduate School for at least 12 (excluding audited courses), but no more than 18, hours of graduate credit during any semester of the academic year in which a fellowship appointment is held. Pre-candidacy fellows who maintain their appointments during summer term must enroll in six credit hours. Doctoral candidates must register for at least three credit hours.

Fellows with up to 25 percent GA. The unit responsible for administering the fellowship must verify that the external funding source permits concurrent employment/appointment.

Payment of Tuition and Fees. The payment of a student’s academic tuition and fees may or may not be included in the award. In certain cases, the graduate program or the administrative unit may need to request for a matching tuition and fees program to the Graduate School. The Graduate School has a competitive fee match program that can provide tuition and fees as a match to extramurally funded stipends from extramural sources that do not pay tuition and fees. External fellows who receive tuition and fee authorizations funded by the Graduate School are not permitted to hold additional appointments or employment during the semester(s) they receive Graduate School funding. Supplemental pay to increase the fellowship stipend is permitted.

Tenure. The length of appointment and stipend level are determined by the funding source. All appointments are 100 percent (full time). Fellows cannot be required to render a service for the stipend received.