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Graduate Fee Authorization (GFA)

Section 11.1 of the Graduate School Handbook

Graduate Associates. Every graduate associate (GA) (GTA, GRA, and GAA) appointed for at least 50 percent time receives a full tuition and fee authorization. This GFA covers payment of the instructional and general fees, nonresident tuition and learning technology fees. Notice of fee authorizations appears on the student’s Statement of Account. A GA may not be denied a fee authorization. This is a requirement that accompanies the title of GA. By the same token, no graduate student may receive a fee authorization without an accompanying eligible appointment.

Graduate Fee Authorization Funding. GAs appointed on various grants and special projects also receive a GFA, although in their case the fees may be charged back to the grant or appointing unit. A GA on a less than 50 percent appointment who holds a concurrent appointment at 25 percent (or less) receives the fee authorization from the unit supporting the 50 percent appointment. Fee authorizations for concurrent appointments of equal FTE (e.g., two 25 percent appointments) are split equally between appointing units. 

Summer Fee Authorization. Graduate students holding a 50 percent or greater GA appointment for autumn and spring semesters are entitled to a full fee authorization during the immediately following summer term without being on appointment. Students holding a 25 percent GA appointment for two consecutive semesters are entitled to a summer fee authorization at half the full fee authorization rate. MS students and predoctoral students using the summer fee authorization must be registered for at least four hours of credit. Post-candidacy doctoral candidates must register for at least three hours of credit. A graduate student who elects not to enroll during the summer may not defer the use of the summer fee authorization. Students on a summer fee authorization may hold a 25 percent or less GA appointment. Fellows, Trainees, or non-GA appointments for one or both semesters are not eligible for the summer term fee authorization. Student Associate titles are not meant to be used as a substitute for GA appointments during the summer term.

Graduate Fellows and Trainees. Students holding graduate recruitment and Presidential Fellowships from the Graduate School receive a fee authorization for each academic semester or summer term on appointment. The authorization covers payment of the instructional and general fees, nonresident tuition, and learning technology fees. Students receiving fellowships or traineeships from sources outside the graduate school (Section 10.6) may also be eligible to receive GFA. However, requests for GFA with an accompanying non-graduate school fellowship are handled by the appointing unit and the Graduate School on a case-to-case basis through the Graduate School Matching tuition and Fee award program.

Other Fees. Other fees, including parking and late penalties as well as the program fees (if applicable) and student activity fee and the mandatory COTA fee, must generally be paid by the student.