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Review of Graduate Faculty Status

Section 12.6 of the Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate Studies Committee should review, on a regular basis, the membership categories of graduate faculty in its graduate program. The reviews may include the track record of a graduate faculty member in advising and mentoring graduate students, evaluation of the faculty by past graduate students and service on graduate examination committees. The review may also consider any written complaint(s) filed against the faculty member by graduate students as per faculty rule 3335-5-04, Based on this review, the Graduate Studies Committee may recommend to the Graduate School that the category P level be continued, reduced (changed from P to M) or removed, or that the faculty member’s graduate faculty P status be considered probationary until certain specified conditions are met. Appropriate documentation must accompany such a recommendation, including verification that the faculty member has been notified of the possible action and has been allowed to respond in writing within a timeline specified by the Graduate Studies Committee. The faculty member’s response, if any, must be included in the information sent to the Graduate School. The Graduate School will review the recommendation and determine a final action. The Graduate School can approve, deny or work with the Graduate Studies Committee and/or Chairs and Deans to define a probationary remediation plan.