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Decisions Regarding New, Current and Former Students

Section 13.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Admission. The GSC specifies admission criteria and admission credentials in addition to those required by the Graduate School. The GSC: 

  • Makes admission recommendations. 
  • Specifies and monitors the conditions that must be satisfied by students admitted in the conditional classification. 
  • Approves provisional classification extensions and may withdraw the provisional offer of admission or recommend denial of further registration. 
  • Approves changes in a student’s admission classification. 
  • Approves extensions of the English as a Second Language time limit.

Transfers (Section 2.9), Reinstatement (Section 5.6 and Section 7.8), Senior Petition (Section 4.0) and Fresh Start (Section 4.2).

The GSC reviews requests from current and former graduate students for changes in program, registration, and credits. 

  • Considers and acts on requests from students to transfer into its graduate program. 
  • Establishes rules for reenrollment of former students. 
  • Considers petitions to reinstatement from students who have been denied further registration or dismissed from a graduate program. 
  • Approves courses taken under Senior Petition to be counted toward the graduate degree. 
  • Determines achievement level required and number of graduate credits that may be earned through credit by examination (“EM” credit). 
  • Recommends approval of graduate courses to be transferred from another university. 
  • Determines if the fresh start rule applies to former graduate students.