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Doctoral Degree Programs

Section 13.6 of the Graduate School Handbook

The GSC enforces rules regarding doctoral degree programs.The GSC may:

  • establish rules for designating doctoral degree areas of specialization to be recorded on student transcript
  • establish a foreign language requirement
  • petition the Dean of the Graduate School to waive the minimum 80 graduate credit-hour requirement
  • establish rules and procedures for the conduct of preliminary examination (Section 7.2) if applicable
  • establish rules and procedures for the conduct of the candidacy examination (Section 7.6)
  • determin whether students may take a second candidacy examination
  • establish rules and procedures for selecting the dissertation committee
  • establish rules and procedures for the conduct of the final oral examination (Section 7.9)
  • determine if other faculty members and graduate students may attend the final oral examination according to the rules of the Graduate School.
  • decide whether the advisor or another member of the graduate faculty serves as chair of the candidacy examination committee and whether the advisor is a member of this committee and reports this decision to the Graduate School

In addition, the GSC of Combined Programs also:

  • monitors progress of combined program students.

In addition, the GSC of Certificate Programs also:

  • may establish rules for graduate certificate programs of study