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Category Level

Section 15.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

The appropriate category level (P or M) is determined by the faculty member’s qualifications and the functions the faculty member is expected to perform by the graduate program.

Nominations, Appointment, and Notification. The Graduate Studies Committee appoints Category M Graduate Faculty members and notifies the Graduate School of its actions. The Graduate Studies Committee submits nominations for Category P membership on the Graduate Faculty to the Graduate School and certifies by appropriate documentation that those nominated meet published Graduate School criteria as detailed in Section 15.4 of this Handbook. Graduate programs may establish additional local criteria.

Multiple Appointments. Faculty may hold Graduate Faculty appointments in more than one graduate program. For faculty already holding Category P status in one program, a Category P appointment in another program is made by the Graduate School upon written nomination by that program’s Graduate Studies Committee.

Advisor’s Appointment. The advisor of a master’s or doctoral student must hold Graduate Faculty membership at the appropriate level (at least Category M for a master’s student and only Category P for a doctoral student) in the graduate program of the student. Under rare circumstances, a non-member of the Graduate Faculty may be approved to serve as advisor.