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Reassignment of Admission Classification

Section 2.5 of the Graduate School Handbook

Provisional to Regular. The provisional restriction is removed by the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions upon receipt of the materials pending at the time of admission.

Conditional to Regular. It is the dual responsibility of the Graduate Studies Committee and the Graduate School to monitor the progress of students in the conditional classification. Each semester, the Graduate School notifies the Graduate Studies Committee of students listed as conditional. On completion of the conditions of admission set by the Graduate Studies Committee, the chair asks the Graduate School to change the student’s classification to regular.

The status of a student admitted in the conditional classification should be changed to regular by the Graduate Studies Committee before the Application to Graduate is submitted. However, if the Graduate Studies Committee Chair signs the Application to Graduate for a conditional student, the Graduate School assumes that the student has fulfilled the conditions of admission and the student’s classification is changed to regular by the Graduate School. Failure to complete the conditional admission requirements within the time limit specified by the Graduate Studies Committee results in the student being denied further registration in that graduate program by the Graduate School.

Graduate Non-Degree to Regular. Graduate non-degree students who wish to become regular students at this university must submit another application to the Graduate School through the Admissions Office.