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Transfer of Graduate Program

Section 2.9 of the Graduate School Handbook

Current students or students who graduated from an Ohio State graduate program within the past three terms are required to notify the Graduate Studies Committee in the current program of their intent to transfer into a new graduate program. Current students may transfer from one graduate program to another by completing an Intra-Graduate Transfer (IGT) application with the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. This application requires the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee in the receiving program. Graduate Associates should speak with their current advisor and supervisor about any potential impacts to their appointment. 

The Graduate School will verify student-provided information pertaining to the student’s academic performance to the Graduate Studies Committee of the proposed graduate program. The Graduate Studies Committee may require additional material from the student before review. If the Graduate Studies Committee approves the transfer, it will specify the admission classification and the courses already completed that will count toward its graduate degree program. 

The Graduate Studies Committee must notify the Graduate School of the admission classification and courses to count prior to the effective autumn or spring semester or summer term of transfer. Graduate School Fellowships (Section 10) do not automatically transfer with students who are approved for transfer into a different graduate program. Doctoral candidacy status (Section 7) does not transfer to a new graduate program.