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Health Insurance

Section 3.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Students who are enrolled at least half-time are required to carry health insurance as a condition of enrollment. All students, including regional campus students, are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan (SHI) upon registration, unless the student obtains an exemption. Half-time is defined as four credit hours for graduate and professional students. Distance-learning courses do not count toward the minimum credit hour requirement. (See Section 9.5 for information about health benefits for students with graduate associateship appointments. See Section 10 for information about health benefits for students with fellowships.)

All domestic students who have coverage through a non-university health insurance plan and who want to waive SHI coverage can do so by completing the online waiver process as described on the SHI website. Students must submit a waiver by the published deadline of their initial term of enrollment each academic year. Should a student miss a deadline, the student must submit an appeal. The appeal form can be found on the SHI website.

Post-candidacy students are considered full-time students when enrolled for three credit hours and, with such enrollment, are required to carry health insurance as a condition of enrollment and may be eligible for health benefits.

International students. International students are required to purchase SHI upon registration. Only a few exceptions apply: International students who are fully financially sponsored by a government sponsor, or students who are covered as a U.S.-based employee under U.S.-based insurance, or as a dependent of a U.S.-based employee. International students who meet one of these exceptions must complete an International Student Health Insurance Waiver form by the published deadline. The waiver form and more information about exceptions for international students can be found on the Student Health Insurance website.

Dependents and Domestic Partners. Students may enroll dependent children and domestic partners into the student health insurance plans. Further information about sponsored dependent benefits is available on the Office of Human Resources website.