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Grade-Point Average

Section 4.2 of the Graduate School Handbook

Credit Points. Credit points are assigned per graduate credit hour on the following basis:

  • “A” equals 4.0 credit points
  • “A-” equals 3.7 credit points
  • “B+” equals 3.3 credit points
  • “B” equals 3.0 credit points
  • “B-” equals 2.7 credit points
  • “C+” equals 2.3 credit points
  • “C” equals 2.0 credit points
  • “C-” equals 1.7 credit points
  • “D+” equals 1.3 credit points
  • “D” equals 1.0 credit point
  • “E” equals 0.0 credit points
  • “EN” equals 0.0 credit points

All other grades carry no credit points.

Earned Hours. Earned hours include all graduate credit hours attempted, except for those courses in which a student earns an “E,” an “EN,” or a “U.”

Cumulative Hours. Cumulative hours include all graduate credit hours attempted for which a student earns a grade “A” through “E,” including “EN.” All course work taken in graduate non-degree status is included in the cumulative credit hour total.

Cumulative Grade-point Average (cGPA). A student’s graduate cumulative grade-point average (cGPA) is determined by dividing the total credit points by the cumulative hours.

Repetition of Courses. A student may repeat any course with advisor and instructor approval. The credit hours for a repeated course in no case counts more than once in meeting graduate degree requirements, unless the course is identified as repeatable. When a student repeats a course, both grades are counted in computing the graduate cGPA.

Fresh Start. A university policy by which any student (undergraduate or graduate) who reenrolls in the Graduate School after an absence of five or more years may petition the Graduate Studies Committee for previous graduate credit to be eliminated from the total earned hours and graduate cGPA. If the Graduate Studies Committee approves the student’s petition, the Graduate Studies Committee Chair may recommend approval to the Graduate School. No previous credit hours count in the student’s total earned hours, and no previous grades are computed in the student’s graduate cGPA. All previous courses taken and grades earned in the Graduate School remain on the student’s official permanent record. If the “fresh start” option is exercised, it applies to all course work taken prior to the absence. It may not be used selectively on individual courses or if the course work in question was used to receive a graduate degree.