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Poor Performance

Section 5.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Poor Academic Performance. A full-time student with fewer than nine earned hours or whose cGPA is below 3.0 after nine graduate credit hours will receive a warning letter from the Graduate School urging consultation with the advisor and graduate studies committee. A student enrolled in a graduate certificate program (Section 8.3) whose graduate cGPA falls below 3.0 after three graduate credit hours have been attempted will receive a similar warning letter from the Graduate School. 

Remediation. A student whose graduate cGPA is below 3.0 after nine graduate credit hours have been attempted will, in close consultation with their advisor, Graduate Studies Committee and the Graduate School, enter into a remediation plan for one autumn or spring semester or summer term. The remediation plan would be aimed at increasing the student’s cGPA to a 3.0 or better. Remediation is not available to graduate non-degree students. 

Probation. Students who do not improve their graduate cGPA after a remediation plan has been attempted will be placed on academic probation for one semester by the Graduate School. A student who is on probation in the Graduate School may not be appointed or reappointed as a graduate associate (Section 9) or a graduate fellow or trainee (Section 10).

Removal from Probation. A student who raises the graduate cGPA to 3.0 or better is removed from probation by the Graduate School. Course work used in raising the cGPA must be a part of normal degree requirements and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee. An international student who is on probation upon admission to an international cooperative graduate degree agreement (ICGDA) program is removed from probation upon meeting the conditions stated in the ICGDA.

Warning of Potential Academic Dismissal. A student on a remediation plan or on academic probation whose record continues to deteriorate will be warned that academic dismissal is likely if the record does not improve. Warnings include performance criteria tailored to the individual student, usually in consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee Chair.