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Reasonable Progress

Section 5.4 of the Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate School oversees and requires that students satisfy and demonstrate reasonable progress in their program. This includes compliance with good academic standing and professional standards. Continued enrollment in a graduate program is contingent upon the completion of course work or other requirements as approved by the Graduate Studies Committee and the graduate program. 

A student who does not maintain reasonable progress toward a degree or who does not fulfill other graduate program requirements, may be denied further registration in that program by the Graduate School on the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee Chair. The Graduate School will send an official warning letter to the student upon receipt of a letter from the Graduate Studies Committee Chair to the student that provides a warning and states that the student is not maintaining reasonable progress toward the degree, based upon program evaluation(s). The Graduate School recommends that the student contact their advisor and Graduate Studies Committee Chair for more details of why they were deemed to not be making sufficient progress and to determine what is needed to comply. No student may be denied further registration in a graduate program without first being warned by the Graduate School, in writing, by utilizing the official contact information maintained by the university. 

A student who has received a warning of potential denial of further registration, but who then satisfies the specified conditions or other requirements as approved by the Graduate Studies Committee, is placed in good standing by the Graduate School. 

Denial of Further Registration. A student who has been warned that further registration may be denied and who does not satisfy the specified conditions is denied further registration in that graduate program by the Graduate School. The student is not permitted to reenroll in the Graduate School unless acceptance is recommended by the Graduate Studies Committee of another graduate program.

A student, specifically an online student, that has been identified as “not in good standing” for more than one semester may be denied further registration until the student contacts the Graduate School’s Registration Services area.