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Academic and Disciplinary Dismissal from University

Section 5.5 of the Graduate School Handbook

Academic Dismissal. A student who is on probation and who does not raise the graduate cGPA to 3.0 or better at the end of the probation period may be dismissed from the university at the discretion of the Graduate School following consultation with the student’s Graduate Studies Committee Chair. 

Doctoral Students. A doctoral student who has had two unsatisfactory attempts at the candidacy examination or the final oral examination or professional doctoral examination is automatically dismissed from the Graduate School. (See for additional information.) 

Disciplinary Dismissal. As academic dismissal is tied to a student’s academic performance, it is distinct from disciplinary dismissal. Students enrolled at the university are required to follow all established policies and procedures regarding student behavior including, but not limited to, the Code of Student Conduct, the Research and Misconduct Policy, and Appendix C of this Handbook. Those students found to have violated university policy (e.g., prohibitions against academic and non-academic misconduct) may be subject to sanction, including disciplinary dismissal from the university. As with academic dismissal, disciplinary dismissal will be noted on a student’s permanent record. Unlike an academic dismissal, students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are ineligible to return to the university.