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Results of the Master's Examination

Section 6.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Decision. Only the master’s examination committee members are to be present for discussion of the student’s performance and the decision about the outcome. Each examiner indicates judgment by posting their decision on the Report on Final Examination by the published deadline for the autumn or spring semester or summer term of graduation. The advisor notifies the student and the Graduate Studies Committee of the master’s examination committee’s decision.

Satisfactory. The student is considered to have completed the master’s examination successfully only when the decision of the master’s examination committee is unanimously affirmative.

Unsatisfactory. If the examination is judged unsatisfactory, the master’s examination committee must decide whether the student will be permitted to take a second master’s examination in that graduate program and must record that decision on the Report on Final Examination.

Second Master’s Examination. If a second examination is held, the master’s examination committee must be the same as the original one, unless a substitution is approved by the Graduate School. A student who has failed the master’s examination twice in one graduate program is not permitted to take another master’s examination in that program.

Review. On written appeal by the student or a member of the master’s examination committee, the Graduate School reviews the master’s examination to ensure its conformity to Graduate School rules and to determine if it was conducted fairly and without prejudice to the student. The Graduate Council has established review procedures called “Graduate Student Grievance Review Guidelines” (Appendix D).