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Section 6.4 of the Graduate School Handbook

Document. A student pursuing the thesis option must submit a complete, written thesis document to the master’s examination committee. The thesis must conform to Graduate School format requirements as described in the “Document Preparation-Dissertations and Theses” section on the Graduate School website. The student is responsible for ensuring that the information contained within the thesis document is original, complete and does not include material that could be deemed as academic misconduct. Students interested in a voluntary format review of their thesis document may submit a paper copy to the Graduate School during announced business hours or electronically via e-mail to The thesis document must be approved by the master’s examination committee before the student takes the examination. The final thesis document must be approved by the master’s examination committee prior to uploading the final document to OhioLINK.  

Approval. If the student satisfactorily completes the master’s examination and if the student presents an acceptable thesis, the master’s examination committee members indicate approval of the thesis by posting their decision on the Report on Final Document by the published deadline for the autumn or spring semester or summer term of graduation.

Restricted Material. Theses must not contain material that may never be allowed to be published. Students whose theses contain material that can be published but requires a delay in public disclosure can request to delay public disclosure on OhioLINK (Ohio Library and Information Network). Although the disclosure of a completed thesis may be delayed, the document’s title and abstract will still be available to the public via OhioLINK. Please contact Graduation Services at the Graduate School for additional information.

Submission. The thesis must be submitted to and approved by the Graduate School by the published deadline for the autumn or spring semester or summer term of graduation. The final thesis must be submitted electronically as a PDF to OhioLINK. Approved documents submitted via OhioLINK will need to be accepted by the Graduate School by the close of business before the Report on Final Document will be processed. The students must allow adequate time, at least a day or two, before the deadline for approval between submitting their document to OhioLINK and final review/approval by the Graduate School.