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Master's Examination, Dual Degree Students

Section 6.8 of the Graduate School Handbook

Normally, students will complete a separate master’s examination for each degree program. However, if the following conditions are satisfied, a student pursuing two thesis option master’s degree programs may be required to complete only one master’s examination and one thesis:

  1. the Graduate Studies Committee in each graduate program must approve
  2. the master’s examination committee must be composed of a minimum of four Graduate Faculty members, with at least two from each graduate program
  3. a faculty member from each graduate program must serve as a co-advisor of the thesis
  4. the result of the master’s examination must be unanimously affirmative in order for the student to earn each degree
  5. in the event of the student’s failure, the master's examination committee will decide if a second examination for two degrees with one thesis is possible
  6. if the committee decides against allowing a second examination for two degrees with one thesis, then one of the Graduate Studies Committees may allow a second examination in order for the student to earn one master’s degree