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Graduation Requirements

Section 7.13 of the Graduate School Handbook

Application to Graduate. A student must complete and submit the Application to Graduate no later than the third Friday of the semester (or third Friday of summer term) in which graduation is expected. The application is valid for that semester or summer term only. Submitting this application indicates that the student expects to complete all degree requirements by the end of that semester or term. It must be submitted  by the student and approved by the advisor and the Graduate Studies Committee chair. The dissertation advisor must be listed on the form. In addition to the doctoral degree requirements described in section 7, the student:

  1. must have earned a cumulative point-hour ratio of at least 3.0 for all graduate credit hours completed at this university
  2. must have fulfilled all requirements published by the Graduate Studies Committee
  3. must have final grades for all courses received in the University Registrar’s Office by the published deadline
  4. must have fulfilled all other requirements by the deadlines established by the Graduate School

End of Semester or Summer Term. A student who does not meet published graduation deadlines but who does complete all degree requirements by the last business day prior to the first day of classes for the following semester or summer term may graduate the following semester or summer term without registering or paying fees