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Academic Internship Programs

Section 7.18 of the Graduate School Handbook

The graduate school supports internship experiences for graduate students that advance their program of study and develop skills that prepare them to be successful for a broad range of academic and non-academic career paths. These internship opportunities should complement the academic and professional training of the student and be integrated with their program of study. 

Students and their advisor(s) in consultation with the graduate studies committee should carefully consider the benefits of the proposed internship and ensure that the internship experience does not adversely affect the credit-hour and other program requirements and timeline for graduation. Typically, these internships are recommended for students who have achieved doctoral candidacy status to avoid conflicts with course-load and credit-hour requirements(s) during the academic semester(s). Participation in these internships, which are expected to be synergistic with the student’s program of study, typically counts toward the doctoral candidate’s five years of candidacy. 

Students pursuing an internship opportunity are subject to the continuous enrollment policy and must register and pay fees at Ohio State. Internship opportunities for graduate students should ideally provide funds that allow for payment of stipend, tuition and fees, and/or travel and relocation fees for the graduate student as applicable.