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Big Ten Academic Alliance Traveling Scholar Program

Section 7.19 of the Graduate School Handbook

The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA), the consortium of the Big Ten universities and the University of Chicago, established the Traveling Scholar Program to increase the cooperative use of its member institutions’ resources. The program enables doctoral students at any BTAA university to take advantage of educational opportunities at any other BTAA university. 

EligibilityA student who wishes to become a BTAA Traveling Scholar first consults with the advisor to determine if such an option would enhance the program of study and would not duplicate educational opportunities offered at this university. The student’s advisor discusses the proposed visit with a colleague at the host university. Both faculty members must agree that the student is qualified to take advantage of the visit. 

The student must fill out the BTAA Traveling Scholar Application (submit no later than the normal registration deadline for the relevant semester or term). If approved by the Graduate School, it is forwarded to the graduate school at the host campus for approval. The student and advisor are notified regarding the decision of the host campus. 

Enrollment. Traveling Scholars register and pay fees at their home university. They normally register for independent study courses or research credit (8999) and earn a grade of Satisfactory (“S”) or Unsatisfactory (“U”), which appears on the student’s official permanent record. The actual courses taken and grades earned appear on the host university’s transcript returned by the host BTAA institution at the end of the quarter or semester.

Time limit. Visits of Traveling Scholars may not exceed two academic semesters and/or a total of 12 months.