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General Information

Section 9.1 of the Graduate School Handbook

A graduate student’s principal objective is to earn a graduate degree. Appointment as a GA contributes to that objective by providing an apprenticeship experience along with financial support. This apprenticeship complements formal instruction and gives the student practical, personal experience that can be gained only by performing instructional, research, or administrative activities. It is expected that GA responsibilities will not interfere with a student’s reasonable progress toward completion of the graduate degree.

Titles. The three graduate associate titles are: Graduate Administrative Associate (GAA), Graduate Research Associate (GRA), and Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA).

Responsibilities. Specific GA responsibilities are determined by the appointing units. These may include teaching classes, recitations, and labs; advising and counseling students; grading papers; gathering and analyzing data; writing reports; and assisting faculty members and administrators.

Eligibility. To hold a GA appointment, a student must satisfy the following eligibility requirements. The student:

  1. must be pursuing a graduate degree at this university
  2. must meet minimum Graduate School registration requirements:
  • eight credit hours during each semester a 50 percent or greater GA appointment is held, except during the summer term, when the minimum is four
  • four credit hours during each semester a 25 percent appointment is held, except during the summer term, when the minimum is two
  • for doctoral students who have passed the candidacy examination, three credit hours each semester or term a 50 percent GA appointment is held. Students who were admitted to the Graduate School Autumn Quarter 2008 and after are required to be continuously enrolled after passing the candidacy examination (Section 7.8)

Audited courses do not count toward these requirements.

  1. must be in good standing in the Graduate School when the appointment or reappointment becomes effective
  2. must maintain reasonable progress toward a graduate degree. It is the responsibility of each Graduate Studies Committee to determine what constitutes reasonable progress in its degree programs
  3. must certify proficiency in spoken English before assuming GTA duties involving direct student contact (applies only to international and permanent resident non-English speaking graduate students)
  4. must satisfy other requirements published by the Graduate Studies Committee or appointing unit
  5. must, if enrolled in a bachelor’s/master’s combined program, hold only a GA appointment that does not involve teaching of other students

Monitoring. Responsibility for monitoring of eligibility for GA appointments is the joint responsibility of the Dean of the Graduate School and the Graduate Studies Committee.