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Appointing Unit Responsibilities

Section 9.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Within the above-stated rules, each unit appointing GAs must develop, publish, and make available its GA rules, processes, and procedures. In addition, all GAs should be informed in writing of the person or persons from whom they should seek guidance and advice about their GA responsibilities. Each unit appointing GAs must provide the following information or direct students to a publication where it is located: 

  1. Section 9, Appendix E and Appendix F of the Graduate School Handbook.

  2. Local criteria and procedures for selecting GAs. 

  3. Local criteria and procedures for reappointing GAs. 

  4. Period of appointment. 

  5. Availability of summer term appointments. 

  6. Stipend levels. 

  7. Dates for notifying students of appointments and for receiving acceptances or refusals. 

  8. Copies of any Recruit-to-Hire and/or Period Activity Pay documents. 

  9. Criteria and procedures for evaluating and reporting GA performance, including information about the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) form and other student evaluations. 

  10. Criteria and procedures for terminating GA appointments. 

  11. Grievance procedures within the appointing unit, including where to address concerns and those individuals at the local and college levels charged with resolving issues. 

  12. Appropriate space and facilities necessary to carry out GA teaching, research, or administrative duties.