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Investigation of Allegations of Research Misconduct by a Graduate Student

Section C.2 of the Graduate School Handbook

The process used to review allegations of research misconduct by graduate students is detailed in the document “Research Misconduct Policy.” 


Allegations of research misconduct must be referred to the Office of Research Compliance (ORC). If it is determined by the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) in consultation with the Dean of the graduate student’s college that an allegation of research misconduct warrants an inquiry, an inquiry will be conducted by the RIO and staff in ORC, in consultation with the appropriate subject matter expert(s) from the research integrity standing committee (RISC), as needed. RISC members conduct inquiries and investigations to ensure that the University’s policy and procedure for dealing with research misconduct are consistent with federal regulations and emerging best practices. The RISC is composed of a pool of 20-30 senior University faculty members from a variety of disciplines. Members serve a three-year term, and at least three represent the interests of the Graduate School. 

If the final decision from the inquiry is that an investigation is warranted, the RIO, in consultation with the Deciding Official and relevant college dean(s), will form an investigation committee with a minimum of three (3) voting members selected from the RISC. 

When the Graduate School receives notice that a graduate student was found to have engaged in research misconduct, the case is referred to the Committee on Academic Misconduct for review of recommended corrective actions and determination of sanctions under its case adjudication process, as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.