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Appendix D.1 of the Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate School is specifically authorized by the graduate faculty and Graduate Council to review grievances related to graduate examinations and graduate associate appointments. The purpose of this document is to outline the process for the systematic review of grievances filed by graduate students related to graduate examinations and graduate associate appointments. The aim of the guidelines is to ensure that a graduate student who is unable to resolve a dispute over a graduate examination or a GA appointment locally has access to a review by a knowledgeable group of neutral faculty and graduate students who are not associated with the student’s graduate program or appointing unit or who in any other way have a conflict of interest. 

Graduate programs should have local procedures for resolving grievances, such as discussions with an advisor, supervisor, Graduate Studies Committee Chair, department chair, or college dean. Graduate associates should also consult their Recruit-to-Hire and Period Activity Pay documents. 

The Graduate School is occasionally called upon to address a complaint by a graduate student related to other academic matters. The Graduate School becomes involved in such matters only after all reasonable local efforts to resolve the problem have failed. In accordance with university policy, complaints of harassment, sexual or otherwise, and allegations of scholarly misconduct are directed to the appropriate offices authorized to address them. Complaints involving discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct are reported to the Office of Institutional Equity, while allegations of scholarly misconduct are reported to the Committee on Academic Misconduct or the Office of Research Compliance. Workplace complaints may be reported to Employee and Labor Relations or via the university’s Anonymous Reporting Line. 

Interested graduate students are strongly encouraged to submit a Graduate School grievance request as soon as possible to ensure a timely review and decision.