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Conduct of Hearing

Section D.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

At the beginning of the hearing, the chair will outline the procedures to be followed in the hearing:

  • The chair shall allocate a specific amount of time to each party to state his or her case. 
  • Members of the Grievance Committee shall be present during the entire testimony portion of the hearing. 
  • Parties to the grievance are expected to be present to hear and participate in the entire testimony portion of the hearing. 
  • Legal counsel, if present, may not participate in the hearing. Involvement of legal counsel will be limited to consultation with the client, who answers all questions directed to the student. 
  • Witnesses, if called by either party, may attend only the portion of the hearing directly related to their testimony. 

The testimony presented at the hearing will be recorded on audiotape. A party to a grievance may request a copy of the tape. 

Committee members may ask questions to obtain a full understanding of the case. 

At the conclusion of the testimony portion, all persons attending the hearing are excused except for the Grievance Committee members and the Graduate School personnel. The parties to the hearing will be asked to wait in a designated location outside the hearing room until freed to leave by the chair.