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Hearing and Committee Decision

Section D.4 of the Graduate School Handbook

The decision of the Grievance Committee is reached in closed session, with only the hearing committee members and the Graduate School personnel present. 

All members of the Grievance Committee vote on the outcome. The Graduate School personnel, including the associate dean who serves as the chair, may participate in the discussion and decision, but they do not vote (except when the chair votes to break a tie vote). 

  • The Grievance Committee will decide on the basis of a simple majority as follows: 
  • The Grievance Committee shall decide whether the master’s examination, candidacy examination, or final oral examination was conducted in conformity with Graduate School rules and those of the local graduate program. 
  • The Grievance Committee shall decide whether actions taken with respect to a graduate associate appointment were in conformance with the rules of the appointing unit and the Graduate School. As stipulated in the Graduate School Handbook, the appointing unit is required to develop, publish, and make available its graduate associate rules. 
  • The chair of the Grievance Committee will report the committee’s finding in writing to the Dean or Associate Dean of the Graduate School. 
  • If the Grievance Committee finds that a violation of Graduate School rules or other violation has occurred, the chair of the committee will also communicate a recommended resolution. 
  • The Dean of the Graduate School shall make the final decision regarding the grievance and the recommendation of the Grievance Committee and shall notify all the participants in the proceeding. There are no avenues to appeal the Dean of the Graduate School’s final decision.