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Short-Term Absences

Section E.5 of the Graduate School Handbook

Any GA, fellow, or trainee may request a short-term absence to recover from a personal illness or to bereave the death of an immediate family member. (Definition of “immediate family member” is provided in Section E.6.) "Short-term" is generally considered to be one to three days. In rare circumstances, it might be up to two weeks and should always be proportionate to the needs of the situation. In these instances, the GA, fellow, or trainee will make a request to the appropriate immediate supervisor as promptly as possible so that options for coverage during the requested short-term absence can be addressed, often jointly, by the graduate student and his/her supervisor. Options for coverage might include temporarily shifting responsibilities, creating alternative work assignments or work locations, etc.

Reasonable requests for short-term absences will generally be approved and stipends will be maintained, without requiring make-up time. Appropriate documentation regarding the reason for the short-term absence is required but may be waived in some circumstances.

Eligibility for Short-term Absences. All GAs, fellows and trainees, regardless of appointment length or type or FTE, are eligible to request a short-term absence.