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Eligibility Criteria

Section F.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

Ohio State graduate or professional students must:

  • be on fellowship, traineeship (Section 10) or associateship (Section 9) appointments of at least 50 percent FTE paid through the Ohio State payroll system (hereafter collectively referred to as “funded graduate students”).
  • A GTA, GRA or GAA must hold an appointment of at least 50 percent FTE (or multiple concurrent appointments combined for at least 50 percent FTE) paid through the Ohio State payroll system to be approved for a leave of absence. In the case of multiple appointments, different appointing units should work together with the student (and his/her enrolling unit, where appropriate) to create a coherent plan for the leave of absence.
  • Fellows and trainees funded by external agencies are also subject to the guidelines established by the funding agency.
  • be making reasonable progress (Section 5.4) toward the degree.
  • be in good academic standing (Section 5.1).
  • be enrolled at the level required to hold the appointment (Sections 9 and 10) Requirements for full-time enrollment may be reduced with the approval of the appropriate Graduate Studies Committee, the Graduate School, and other relevant entities (such as a funding agency, Office of International Education, etc.).